Geraldo Tinkerstein

Quirky inventor


agilty d6
smarts d8
spirit d6
strenght d4
vigor d6

Derived stats:
pace 6
parry 2
toughness 5
grit 1
charisma 0

know. science d8
know. occult d6
notice d6
repair d8
shooting d6
weird science d10

tin foil hat
2x colt 2d6 ’+’1 (6 shots), winchester 2d8
50 bullets
Healing glove ’o love
Lightning Lance of sparky doom
paard + zadel en tassen

dinero: 113,5 $

Quirk: “know-it-all” + Depression
Delusional “must wear tin foil hat while sleeping otherwise the government will steals his precious ideas”

AB weird science

healing – californiate electro healing and defibrillating glove (patented!!!)
burst – Geraldo’s californiate electric arc lance (patent pending)

Worst nightmare:
Animal-human hybrids, like a were-pig or a manbear… or a manbearpig!… also environmental world-ending disasters.


Geraldo was born on the east coast to an academic family . Home schooled because school really isn’t a place for smart people. He and his family followed his father to Seatle, were his father a lucrative job being an engineer for a new booming industry. There he and his father came in touch with ghost rock. Geraldo inspired to become a great inventor. He made many creations, but they often only worked once or had spectaculair explosive results. One such results ended in the burning of his family mansion, his father was killed in this fire. His mother and sister burned heavily and near-death. Luckily his latest invention did work as intended and with his californiate electro healing and defibrillating glove (patented!!!), he healed them without a scar. Now without a family income and loaded with shame, Geraldo is setting foot in the real world to search for fortune and wealth to support his family. .. also he keeps wondering if the government didn’t start the fire to discredit him.

Geraldo Tinkerstein

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